ACR Venom Still Open as OSS Cub3d Begins

ACR Venom Still Open as OSS Cub3d Begins

It is a big weekend for Americas Cardroom, the flagship online poker site on the Winning Poker Network.

On Sunday, July 21, the final starting day of the Venom online tournament will begin, and the hope is that the final numbers will put the prize pool well beyond the $5 million guarantee.

On the same day, the Online Super Series (OSS) Cub3d returns with more than $13 million in guarantees across 160 total tournaments. The series kicks off the first of its three included mini-series with the Mini Online Super Series (MOSS) on Sunday and set to run through July 28, at which point the OSS takes over.

And with Venom and OSS both in action on July 21, it will be a busy day for online poker players.

Still Time to Get into Venom

The original announcement for the Venom tournament dates back to January 2019, but promotions for it increased as the event neared. The $2,650 buy-in No Limit Hold’em tournament aimed to be the largest online poker tournament ever hosted by an offshore US-faced poker site. And the $5 million guarantee was going to help it get there.

Two starting days were originally planned for the Venom, but another was eventually added.

Action kicked off on Sunday, July 14 with the first of three starting flights, followed by another on Tuesday, July 16. These were the results thus far:

Day 1A

Entries:  785

Prize pool:  $1,962,500

Surviving players:  117

Chip leader:  ACR pro Thomas “HolyCannuli” Cannuli with 9,641,417 chips

Day 1B

Entries:  439

Prize pool:  $1,097,500

Surviving players:  52

Chip leader:  “pro.moe92” with 7,834,254 chips

That leaves one more starting day, which is tomorrow (Sunday, July 21). Play begins at 1pm ET. And satellites will be running on ACR up until the start of the action.

As it stands, the tournament needs 776 players to register on Day 1C to meet the guarantee. With all of the satellites and promotion going in the run-up to the tournament, it seems likely that Americas Cardroom will meet its goal.

After the prize pool is set and Day 1C ends, the players surviving with chips will then adhere to the following schedule:

Day 2:  Monday, July 22 at 1pm ET to play 12 hours or down to final 8 players

Day 3:  Tuesday, July 23 at 1pm ET to play down to final 8 IF NEEDED

Day 4:  Wednesday, July 24 at 5pm ET to play for a winner

OSS Cub3d to Get Underway

As mentioned, the Online Super Series consists of three smaller online poker tournament series and will feature a total of 160 tournaments and more than $13 million in guarantees. The initial action starts on July 21 and runs through August 18.

First up is MOSS, the Mini Online Super Series, followed by the flagship OSS, and rounded out by BOSS, the Bigger Online Super Series.

As MOSS is the one beginning tomorrow, let’s look at those 48 events on the schedule:

Sunday, July 21

Event 1:  $5.50 NLHE ($20K GTD)

Event 2:  $22 NLHE ($60K GTD)

Event 3:  $55 NLHE ($125K GTD)

Event 4:  $2.20 NLHE 6-Max ($3K GTD)

Event 5:  $21 NLHE Hyper Mega Super KO ($8K GTD)

Event 6:  $104.50 NLHE Hyper Mega Super KO ($15K GTD)

Monday, July 22

Event 7:  $3.30 NLHE 6-Max ($8K GTD)

Event 8:  $22 NLHE ($40K GTD)

Event 9:  $3.30 NLHE ($4K GTD)

Event 10:  $8.80 NLHE ($10K GTD)

Event 11:  $22 NLHE 8-Max ($20K GTD)

Tuesday, July 23

Event 12:  $5.50 PLO ($7K GTD)

Event 13:  $0.28 NLHE 4-Max ($300 GTD)

Event 14:  $7.70 NLHE ($10K GTD)

Event 15:  $11 NLHE ($20K GTD)

Event 16:  $2.20 NLO8 6-Max ($1,500 GTD)

Event 17:  $1.05 NLHE Hyper Megastack ($1K GTD)

Wednesday, July 24

Event 18:  $5.50 NLHE KO ($8K GTD)

Event 19:  $8.80 PLO8 6-Max ($5K GTD)

Event 20:  $0.11 NLHE Turbo Megastack ($50 GTD)

Event 21:  $55 NLHE 8-Max ($60K GTD)

Event 22:  $8.80 PLO 6-Max ($6K GTD)

Event 23:  $5.50 NLHE Turbo Megastack ($4K GTD)

Thursday, July 25

Event 24:  $7.70 PLO8 6-Max ($2,500 GTD)

Event 25:  $0.06 NLHE ($50 GTD)

Event 26:  $4.40 NLHE ($4K GTD)

Event 27:  $7.70 PLO ($5K GTD)

Event 28:  $3.30 NLHE ($3K GTD)

Event 29:  $2.10 NLHE Turbo Megastack ($1K GTD)

Friday, July 26

Event 30:  $2.75 NLHE 6-Max KO ($4K GTD)

Event 31:  $8.80 NLHE ($6K GTD)

Event 32:  $11 Seven-Card Stud ($2K GTD)

Event 33:  $5.50 NLHE ($8K GTD)

Event 34:  $0.06 NLHE Hyper Megastack ($50 GTD)

Saturday, July 27

Event 35:  $0.55 NLHE ($1K GTD)

Event 36:  $4.40 NLHE ($8K GTD)

Event 37:  $8.80 NLHE Super KO ($3K GTD)

Event 38:  $0.55 NLHE 6-Max ($400 GTD)

Event 39:  $11 NLHE ($8K GTD)

Event 40:  $4.40 PLO Hyper Megastack ($3K GTD)

Sunday, July 28

Event 41:  $22 NLHE ($80K GTD)

Event 42:  $88 NLHE ($300K GTD)

Event 43:  $11 NLHE Turbo Megastack ($10K GTD)

Event 44:  $109 NLHE for BOSS Main (15 seats GTD)

Event 45:  $55 Micro High Roller ($60K GTD)

Event 46:  $22 Stud Hi-Lo ($5K GTD)

Event 47:  $2.20 NLHE ($4K GTD)

Event 48:  $11 NLHE Turbo Deepstack ($10K GTD)


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