ACR Offers Free Poker Series for Server Problems

ACR Offers Free Poker Series for Server Problems

Anyone who plays on Americas Cardroom or follows the online poker site on Twitter knows about the downtime. It mostly occurred with tournaments, and they were often cancelled due to “technical issues.”

It has been frustrating for players, not to mention the ACR team. Not only does the site lose business when this happens, the process of refunding players for the hassles takes time.

In an act of true transparency and contrition, Americas Cardroom is offering an olive branch. It is free. And it has $250,000 attached to it.

The Freebuy Super Series starts in a few weeks and will offer all ACR players the chance to cash in.

Growing Pains

According to the ACR blog, the recent problems have been a part of growing pains.

ACR says that the recent Venom tournament was the culprit. The event that set a record for the largest prize offered in an online poker tournament that was paid in cryptocurrency also drew so many people to the ACR tables that the servers had a tough time keeping up during and after that event.

“Due to increased demand on our servers, we’ve had some tournament downtime and even cancellations. You may have even noticed some downtime at our cash game tables as well,” Bob Garcia wrote in the blog post.

In an expression of understanding of the frustration and apology for the troubles, ACR decided to offer an olive branch in the form of a series of freerolls. The Freebuy Super Series will offer a total of 114 tournaments with prize pools totaling $250,000.

And yes, every one of the tournaments in the series is free to enter.

Freebuy Super Series Details

The upcoming series is scheduled from October 16 to November 3.

There will be a total of 114 tournaments, but they will be spread out with six per day. It will all lead up to the Main Event on the final day.

Every event will offer rebuys and add-ons, but those are also free…technically. Players can rebuy with real money, but they can also use free-play chips.

For example, a player who registers for a Freebuy tournament gets 1,000 entry chips to play the event. For relatively small amounts of money, they can purchase a 2,500-chip rebuy or a 10,000-chip add-on. However, there are other ways to get those chips for free. Players can complete tasks, watch videos on the ACR YouTube channel, or visit ACR social media pages to pick up codes that can be used for chips.

The series will kick off on Wednesday, October 16, with the following tournaments:

Event 1 at 2am:  Free NLHE with $300 GTD ($0.10 rebuys, $0.10 add-on)

Event 2 at 6am:  Free NLHE with $500 GTD ($0.50 rebuys, $0.50 add-on)

Event 3 at 10am:  Free PLO 6-Max with $1,500 GTD ($2.00 rebuys, $2.00 add-on)

Event 4 at 2pm:  Free NLHE with $5K GTD ($5.00 rebuys, $5.00 add-on)

Event 5 at 6pm:  Free NLHE 8-Max with $3K GTD ($3.00 rebuys, $3.00 add-on)

Event 6 at 10pm:  Free NLHE with $1K GTD ($1.00 rebuys, $1.00 add-on)

The times are the same every day for the majority of the series. All times are Eastern.

And on Sunday November 3, the series will wrap with these events:

Event 109 at 2am:  Free NLHE with $1K GTD ($0.50 rebuys, $0.50 add-on)

Event 110 at 6am:  Free NLHE 8-Max with $2,500 GTD ($4.00 rebuys, $4.00 add-on)

Event 111 at 10am:  Free PLO-8 with $5K GTD ($5.00 rebuys, $5.00 add-on)

Event 112 at 2pm:  Free NLHE Main Event with $20K GTD ($20.00 rebuys, $20.00 add-on)

Event 113 at 6pm:  Free NLHE with $6K GTD ($4.00 rebuys, $4.00 add-on)

Event 114 at 10pm:  Free NLHE 6-Max with $1K GTD ($0.50 rebuys, $0.50 add-on)

That Main Event will have the largest guarantee – by far – of the series.



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