ACR High Five Tournament Series Returns in April

ACR High Five Tournament Series Returns in April

Americas Cardroom just wrapped up its massive OSS Cub3d three-part tournament series, which kicked off on February 2 and ran through March 15. And poker players cumulatively won millions upon millions of dollars.

As we head into April, ACR players have another online poker tournament series. The popular High Five series offers something for everyone, a wide range of buy-ins and guarantees and five tournaments per day. There will also be double the usual Main Event action, with a multiple-flight lower buy-in Main Event with $420K GTD and a larger buy-in boasting of $1M GTD.

The High Five was originally created with a weed-smoking theme, with numerous references to 420:

–Daily tournament breaks at 4:20pm ET

–Main Event buy-in of $420 + $25

–Smaller Main Event guarantee of $420K

–First event on March 31 starting at 4:20pm

–Series conclusion on April 20 (4/20)

Some tournaments even reference the activity, like the Wake & Bake events, Light Up!, and the PKO Late Toke.

Get it? See what they did there?

High Five Basic Information

What players mainly need to know is that this iteration of the High Five tournament series offers 100 official events – plus some bonus events thrown in – with five of them running per day. The buy-ins range from $0.25 to $2,500, and Americas Cardroom is guaranteeing $5M in prize pools.

It all begins on April 1 and runs through Tuesday, April 20. Most of the daily action begins early in the morning but offers those bonus tournaments and mega satellites throughout the schedule.

There are a plethora of satellites running all the time, but the big ones for the $450 buy-in Main Event action begin on April 4 as follows:

Sunday, April 4 at 8pm: $22 mega-satellite with 20 Main Event seats GTD

Monday, April 5 at 6pm: $22 mega-sat with 15 seats GTD

Tuesday, April 6 at 6pm: $22 mega with 16 seats GTD

Wednesday, April 7 at 7pm: $22 mega with 20 seats GTD

Thursday, April 8 at 6pm: $22 mega with 20 seats GTD

Friday, April 9 at 6pm: $22 mega with 20 seats GTD

Saturday, April 10 at 2pm& 5:30pm: $22 megas with 25 seats GTD each

Sunday, April 11 at 8:15am: $22 mega with 10 seats GTD

Sunday, April 11 at 10:45am: $22 mega with 15 seats GTD

Sunday, April 11 at 1:15pm: $22 mega with 25 seats GTD

Schedule Highlights and Bonus Events

The full High Five schedule boasts of more than 100 tournaments. It is viewable in its entirety on the ACR web page – complete with late registration, levels, starting stacks, and format information.

However, here are some of the highlights, including the Main Events:

-Event 0 on Mar31:  $11 buy-in NLHE KickOff ($20K GTD)

-Bonus event on Mar31-Apr4:  $55 buy-in PKO Easter Special (2 reentries, 7 flights, $300K GTD)

-Event 3 on Apr1:  $215 buy-in NLHE ($125K GTD)

-Event 17 on Apr4:  $109 buy-in NLHE LightUp! ($420K GTD)

-Event 43 on Apr9:  $55 buy-in NLHE Special ($70K GTD)

-Event 48 on Apr10:  $109 buy-in NLHE LightUp! ($100K GTD)

-Event 52 on Apr11-Apr12:  $455 buy-in NLHE Main Event ($1M GTD)

-Event 72 on 15Apr:  $55 buy-in NLHE Special ($75K GTD)

-Event 86 on Apr18:  $109 buy-in NLHE WarmUp ($420K GTD)

-Event 87 on Apr11-Apr19:  $55 buy-in NLHE Main Event (10 flights, $420K GTD)

-Event 97 on Apr20:  $55 buy-in NLHE Special ($75K GTD)

Most days will offer an Early Special NLHE event at 6:30am, each with a $10K guarantee for $16.50 or $17 buy-ins. And each evening will offer a PKO Late Toke event at or near 10pm of 10:30pm with buy-ins ranging from $6.60 to $25. Some of the Late Tokes are official numbered High Five events, but most are extra tournaments, usually in NLHE format but sometimes PLO variations. Those guarantees range, too.


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