2019 WSOP Day 32: Seiver Wins Third Bracelet

2019 WSOP Day 32: Seiver Wins Third Bracelet

On Saturday, June 29, this is what happened at the 50th Annual World Series of Poker.

Event 61:  $400 NLHE Colossus – Day 3 of 4

Total entries:  13,109

Prize pool:  $4,382,515

Players paid:  1,952

Minimum payout:  $600

Winner payout:  $451,272

Day 3 players remaining:  8

Final table chip counts:

Georgios Kapalas (Greece) – 105.7 million chips

Andrew Barber (USA) – 89.3 million chips

Maksim Kalman (USA) – 85.5 million chips

Ryan Depaulo (USA) – 72.4 million chips

Juan Lopez (USA) – 56.5 million chips

Sejin Park (USA) – 48.4 million chips

Norson Saho (Brazil) – 47.9 million chips

Patrick Miller (USA) – 18.5 million chips

Final table payouts thus far:

9th place:  Diego Lima (Brazil) – $41,965

Day 4 starting time:  1pm

Event 62:  $10K Razz Championship – Final

Total entries:  116

Prize pool:  $1,090,400

Players paid:  18

Final table payouts: 

1st place:  Scott Seiver (USA) – $301,421

2nd place:  Andrey Zhigalov (Russia) – $186,293

3rd place:  Chris Ferguson (USA) – $131,194

4th place:  Daniel Zack (USA) – $94,305

5th place:  Daniel Negreanu (Canada) – $69,223

6th place:  Andre Akkari (Brazil) – $51,911

7th place:  David Bach (USA) – $39,788

8th place:  George Alexander (USA) – $31,185

Event 63:  $1,500 Omaha Mix – Day 3 of 4

Total entries:  717

Prize pool:  $967,950

Players paid:  108

Minimum payout:  $2,249

Winner payout:  $199,838

Day 3 players remaining:  4

Final table chip counts:

Anatolii Zyrin (Russia) – 3,330,000 chips

Yueqi Zhu (China) – 2,735,000 chips

Mesbah Guerfi (France) – 1,960,000 chips

James Van Alstyne (USA) – 585,000 chips

Final table payouts thus far:

5th place:  Aron Dermer (USA) – $41,112

6th place:  Iori Yogo (Japan) – $29,518

7th place:  Alan Sternberg (USA) – $21,582

8th place:  Ivo Donev (Austria) – $16,075

Day 4 starting time:  2pm

Event 64:  $888 Crazy Eights NLHE – Day 1 of 6

Day 1A entries:  1,674

Day 1B entries:  1,187

Day 1C entries:  2,830

Prize pool:  TBD

Day 1A players paid:  252

Day 1B players paid:  179

Day 1C players paid:  425

Day 1A minimum payout:  $1,330

Day 1B minimum payout:  $1,329

Day 1C minimum payout:  $1,332

Winner payout:  TBD

Day 1A players remaining:  191

Day 1B players remaining:  138

Day 1C players remaining:  333

Day 1A chip leader:  Arsenii Karmatchii (Russia) – 1,323,000 chips

Day 1B chip leader:  Michael Kane (UK) – 1,360,000 chips

Day 1C chip leader:  Ian Simpson (UK) – 1,284,000 chips

Day 1D starting time:  Sunday at 10am

Day 2 starting time:  Monday at noon

Event 65:  $10K PLO Hi-Lo 8-or-Better Championship – Day 2 of 4

Total entries:  193

Prize pool:  $1,814,200

Players paid: 29

Minimum payout:  $15,237

Winner payout:  $463,670

Day 2 players remaining:  43

Chip leader:  Chris Vitch (USA) – 795,000 chips

Day 3 starting time:  12noon

Event 66:  $1,500 LHE – Day 1 of 3

Total entries:  541

Prize pool:  $730,350

Players paid:  82

Minimum payout:  $2,239

Winner payout:  $161,139

Day 1 players remaining:  184

Chip leader:  Shirley Rosario (USA) – 107,600 chips

Day 2 starting time:  2pm

Notable Information

Scott Seiver collected his third career WSOP gold bracelet yesterday, this one in the $10K Razz Championship. And he appreciated that it was in a limit game, one that he finds interesting and tough. “These are a lot of the games I love the most, so I feel like I’m giving my most focus,” he said. “People like to pretend otherwise, but it really does matter in poker.”

The cash game and tournament pro noted that the WSOP requires a balance between the two types of poker, and switching from cash to tournaments keeps him from burning out or tiring of one form.

As for his legacy in poker, Seiver thinks about winning more than just a few bracelets. “Everyone has some kind of goal in mind, and if I just win like two or three a year for the next 15 years, that’ll be good,” he joked. “Try to get to like 33 or something in like a decade would be a nice goal.”


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