2019 WSOP Day 27: Lauck Wins Turbo for Germany

2019 WSOP Day 27: Lauck Wins Turbo for Germany

On Monday, June 24, this is what happened at the 50th Annual World Series of Poker.

Event 50:  $1,500 NLHE Monster Stack – Day 3 of 6

Total entries:  6,035

Prize pool:  $8,147,250

Players paid:  906

Minimum payout:  $2,249

Winner payout:  $1,008,850

Day 3 players remaining:  49

Chip leader:  Vincent Chauve (France) – 22 million chips

Day 4 starting time:  12noon

Event 52:  $10K PLO 8-Handed Championship – Day 3 of 4

Total entries:  518

Prize pool:  $4,869,200

Players paid:  78

Minimum payout:  $15,029

Winner payout:  $1,086,967

Day 3 players remaining:  8

Final table chip counts:

Dash Dudley (USA) – 6,550,000 chips

Kyle Montgomery (USA) – 5,960,000 chips

Eoghan O’Dea (Ireland) – 5,150,000 chips

James Park (UK) – 4,995,000 chips

Joel Feldman (Australia) – 3,625,000 chips

Jeremy Ausmus (USA) – 2,405,000 chips

Andrey Razov (Russia) – 1,215,000 chips

Will Jaffe (USA) – 1,150,000 chips

Day 4 starting time:  12noon

Event 53:  $800 NLHE 8-Handed Deep Stack – Day 2 of 3

Total entries:  3,759

Prize pool:  $2,676,408

Players paid:  564

Minimum payout:  $1,187

Winner payout:  $371,203

Day 2 players remaining:  10

Chip leader:  Santiago Soriano (Spain) – 27.3 million chips

Day 3 starting time:  1pm

Event 54:  $1,500 Razz – Day 2 of 4

Total entries:  363

Prize pool:  $490,050

Players paid:  55

Minimum payout:  $2,247

Winner payout:  $119,054

Day 2 players remaining:  15

Chip leader:  Andres Korn (Argentina) – 546,000 chips

Day 3 starting time:  2pm

Event 55:  $1,500 NLHE Super Turbo Bounty – Final

Total entries:  1,867

Prize pool: $ 2,520,450

Players paid:  281

Minimum payout:  $1,414

Final table payouts:

1st place:  Jonas Lauck (Germany) – $260,335

2nd place:  Robert Bickley (UK) – $160,820

3rd place:  Fernando Viana (USA) – $116,426

4th place:  Markus Gonsalves (USA) – $85,141

5th place:  Anil Jivani (USA) – $62,901

6th place:  Aaron Pinson (USA) – $46,951

7th place:  Arron Woodcock (UK) – $35,412

8th place:  Aaron Johnson (USA) – $26,992

9th place:  Edward Courage (Canada) – $20,793

Event 56:  $1K NLHE Tag Team – Day 1 of 4

Total entries:  976 teams

Prize pool:  $878,400

Players paid:  147 teams

Minimum payout:  $1,498/team

Winner payout:  $168,395/team

Day 1 players remaining:  278 teams

Chip leader:  Jared Jaffee/Ralph Massey/Aaron Massey – 255,000 chips

Day 2 starting time:  1pm

Event 57:  $50K Poker Players Championship – Day 1 of 5

Total entries:  64 (registration remains open)

Prize pool:  $3,072,000 (not final)

Players paid:  TBD

Minimum payout:  TBD

Winner payout:  TBD

Day 1 players remaining:  63

Chip leader:  Josh Arieh (USA) – 658,500 chips

Day 2 starting time:  2pm

Notable Information

Only one tournament finished its day with a winner on Monday, and that was a super-turbo structured $1,500 NLHE that was Event 56.

The entire tournament played down in 15.5 hours, and the finale was a loud one. The Brazilian rail was strong for Fernando Viana, but it was the group of German friends supporting Jonas Lauck who eventually outlasted them. Lauck admitted that a loud rail made it tough to concentrate, but he was set on winning and did just that.

Lauck has been an online and live poker pro, but this achievement was a big one for him. “It wasn’t the biggest cash, but the bracelet is a big achievement that I wanted to have. For me, it was a special win because I was once heads-up and I lost. I wanted to have this bracelet, and it feels very good.”


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