2019 WSOP Day 26: Jiyoung Kim Wins Ladies Title

2019 WSOP Day 26: Jiyoung Kim Wins Ladies Title

On Sunday, June 23, this is what happened at the 50th Annual World Series of Poker.

Event 47:  $1K Ladies NLHE Championship – Final

Total entries:  968

Prize pool:  $871,200

Players paid:  146

Final table payouts:

1st place:  Jiyoung Kim (South Korea) – $167,308

2nd place:  Nancy Matson (USA) – $103,350

3rd place:  Sandrine Phan (France) – $72,821

4th place:  Stephanie Dao (Canada) – $52,007

5th place:  Lyly Vo (Vietnam) – $37,654

6th place:  Lexy Gavin (USA) – $27,643

7th place:  Raylene Celaya (USA) – $20,582

8th place:  Stephanie Hubbard (USA) – $15,544

9th place:  Barbara Blechinger (USA) – 11,911

Event 50:  $1,500 NLHE Monster Stack – Day 2 of 6

Total entries:  6,035

Prize pool:  $8,147,250

Players paid:  906

Minimum payout:  $2,249

Winner payout:  $1,008,850

Day 2 players remaining:  457

Chip leader:  Kainalu McCue-Unciano (USA) – 2,187,000 chips

Day 3 starting time:  11am

Event 51:  $2,500 Mixed – Final

Total entries:  401

Prize pool:  $902,250

Players paid:  61

Final table payouts:

1st place:  Yuri Dzivielevski (Brazil) – $213,750

2nd place:  Michael Thompson (USA) – $132,113

3rd place:  Denis Strebkob (Russia) – $89,744

4th place:  Andrey Zaichenko (Russia) – $62,176

5th place:  Daniel Zack (USA) – $43,950

6th place:  Philip Long (UK) – $31,710

7th place:  Alex Livingston (Canada) – $23,362

8th place:  Daniel Ratigan (USA) – $17,584

Event 52:  $10K PLO 8-Handed Championship – Day 2 of 4

Total entries:  518

Prize pool:  $4,869,200

Players paid:  78

Minimum payout:  $15,029

Winner payout:  $1,086,967

Day 2 players remaining:  50

Chip leader:  Daniel Alaei (USA) – 1,985,000 chips

Day 3 starting time:  2pm

Event 53:  $800 NLHE 8-Handed Deep Stack – Day 1 of 2

Total entries:  3,759

Prize pool:  $2,676,408

Players paid:  564

Minimum payout:  $1,187

Winner payout:  $371,203

Day 1 players remaining:  440

Chip leader:  Kenneth Johnson (USA) – 1.4 million chips

Day 2 starting time:  1pm

Event 54:  $1,500 Razz – Day 1 of 4

Total entries:  363

Prize pool:  $490,050

Players paid:  55

Minimum payout:  $2,247

Winner payout:  $119,054

Day 1 players remaining:  127

Chip leader:  Eric Rodawig (USA) – 118,700 chips

Day 2 starting time:  2pm

Event 55:  $1K Online NLHE Double Stack

Total entries:  1,333

Prize pool:  $1,266,350

Players paid:  153

Minimum payout:  $2,026

Final table payouts:

1st place:  Jason “TheBigGift” Gooch (USA) – $241,492.94

2nd place:  Brian “Pure__reason” Wood (USA) – $148,542.85

3rd place:  Anthony “Scrotile” Augostino (USA) – $104,980.41

4th place:  Dario “Sirio87” Sammartino (Italy) – $75,094.55

5th place:  Timothy “Stucksoomuch” Wong (USA) – $54,453.05

6th place:  Ran “Margarete” Koller (USA) – $40,143.29

7th place:  Gianluca “inmyhouse” Speranza (Italy) – $29,885.86

8th place:  Justin “KingFortune” Liberto (USA) – $22,541.03

9th place:  Max “Max Sparrow” Pescatori (USA) – $17,348.99

Notable Information

The $1K Ladies Championship is always a popular event at the WSOP, and Jiyoung Kim of South Korea was the last woman standing to capture that title. It was her first gold bracelet, but the gold will go to her mother. “I’m giving it to my mom,” she said. “She is always worried about me going overseas to play poker tournaments. I feel for her; that’s why I will give it to her.”

Kim was the second South Korean to ever win a WSOP bracelet. The coffee shop owner and part-time poker player has been playing live tournaments for about four years, but she had never cashed in Las Vegas before this win. “I feel like I’m dreaming. It’s a dream come true for me.”

The $2,500 Mixed tournament also finished on Sunday, and Brazilian Yuri Dzivielevski was the last player standing. And he did it with a typically-exuberant Brazilian rail of friends watching and celebrating his first gold bracelet with him. “This is the most special moment, for sure,” he said.

He also told a reporter that he tried to be present and happy at every point of the final table. He tried to live in the moment, something he emulates in his personal life as well. And that winning moment consisted of being tossed into the air by his supporters. “I want to feel this feeling again and again!”

The third bracelet of the day went to Jason Gooch, who won the WSOP online poker $1K Double Stack NLHE playing as “TheBigGift.” It was his first WSOP victory.


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