2019 WSOP Day 24: Moshe Wins Third Bracelet

2019 WSOP Day 24: Moshe Wins Third Bracelet

On Friday, June 21, this is what happened at the 50th Annual World Series of Poker.

Event 44:  $1,500 NLHE Bounty – Final

Total entries:  1,807

Prize pool:  $2,439,450

Players paid:  272

Final table payouts:

1st place:  Asi Moshe (Israel) – $253,933

2nd place:  Damjan Radanov (USA) – $156,875

3rd place:  Tonio Roder (Germany) – $113,360

4th place:  Patrick Truong (USA) – $82,764

5th place:  Vitalijs Zavorotnijs (Latvia) – $61,058

6th place:  Andrew Hills (UK) – $45,521

7th place:  Timothy Stephens (USA) – $34,300

8th place:  Harrison Gimbel (USA) – $26,125

9th place:  Bastian Fischer (Germany) – $20,115

Event 45:  $25K PLO High Roller – Day 3 of 4

Total entries:  278

Prize pool:  $6,602,500

Players paid:  42

Minimum payout:  $37,635

Winner payout:  $1,618,417

Day 3 players remaining:  7

Final table chip counts:

Stephen Chidwick (UK) – 12,975,000 chips

Alex Epstein (USA) – 10,800,000 chips

Robert Mizrachi (USA) – 5,525,000 chips

Wasim Korkis (USA) – 4,225,000 chips

James Chen (Taiwan) – 3,100,000 chips

Erik Seidel (USA) – 2,950,000 chips

Matthew Gonzales (USA) – 1,100,000 chips

Final table payouts thus far:

8th place:  Ka Kwan Lau (Spain) – $150,483

Day 4 starting time:  12noon

Event 47:  $1K Ladies NLHE Championship – Day 2 of 4

Total entries:  968

Prize pool:  $871,200

Players paid:  146

Minimum payout:  $1,496

Winner payout:  $167,308

Day 2 players remaining:  43

Chip leader:  Tu Dao (Canada) – 968,000 chips

Day 3 starting time:  12noon

Event 48:  $2,500 NLHE – Day 2 of 4

Total entries:  996

Prize pool:  $2,241,000

Players paid:  150

Minimum payout:  $3,746

Winner payout:  $427,399

Day 2 players remaining:  26

Chip leader:  Baitai Li (USA) – 1,686,000 chips

Day 3 starting time:  1pm

Event 49:  $10K Limit 2-7 Lowball Triple Draw – Day 2 of 3

Total entries:  100

Prize pool:  $940,000

Players paid:  15

Minimum payout:  $15,464

Winner payout:  $273,336

Day 2 players remaining:  9

Final table chip counts:

George Wolff (USA) – 1,380,000 chips

Luke Schwartz (UK) – 1,310,000 chips

Mark Gregorich (USA) – 794,000 chips

Brian Hastings (USA) – 528,000 chips

Calvin Anderson (USA) – 519,000 chips

Daniel Ospina (Colombia) – 507,000 chips

Johannes Becker (Germany) – 399,000 chips

Mike Gorodinsky (USA) – 364,000 chips

Yueqi Zhu (China) – 197,000 chips

Day 3 starting time:  2pm

Event 50:  $1,500 NLHE Monster Stack – Day 1A of 6

Total entries:  2,428 (registration remains open)

Prize pool:  TBD

Players paid: TBD

Minimum payout:  TBD

Winner payout:  TBD

Day 1A players remaining:  1,015

Day 1A chip leader:  Conor Beresford (UK) – 724,000 chips

Day 1B starting time:  10am

Day 2 starting time:  Sunday at 11am

Event 51:  $2,500 Mixed – Day 1 of 3

Total entries:  401

Prize pool:  $902,250

Players paid:  61

Minimum payout:  $3,727

Winner payout:  $213,750

Day 1 players remaining:  128

Chip leader:  Andrey Zaichenko (Russia) – 135,700 chips

Day 2 starting time:  2pm

Notable Information

Being a poker pro, Asi Moshe has to travel to play tournaments, which means frequently being apart from his family. It is a sacrifice for them all, but sometimes, it pays off. Yesterday, Moshe captured his third WSOP gold bracelet.

“It really feels amazing,” he said. “Each one feels so different. This year, the travelling was really hard. I have a wife and a daughter, who is two and a half, and I love them both so very much, so being here for the summer wasn’t easy for me, and it’s not easy for them. This really makes it worth it. It’s really special for me.”

It helped to have friends supporting his run in the $1,500 NLHE Bounty, especially as he grabbed his 24th bounty of the event to claim overall victory. But he had only one message when it was all over. “I really want to say, and this is important, I really love my wife Enga and my daughter Mika. This is for them.”


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