2019 WSOP Day 17: Mueller Claims Third Bracelet

2019 WSOP Day 17: Mueller Claims Third Bracelet

On Friday, June 14, this is what happened at the 50th Annual World Series of Poker.

Event 26:  $2,620 NLHE Marathon – Day 5/6

Total entries:  1,083

Prize pool:  $2,553,714

Players paid:  163

Minimum payout:  $3,928

Winner payout:  $477,401

Day 5 players remaining:  6

Final table chip counts:

Jared Koppel (USA) – 11,700,000 chips

Dong Sheng Peng (China) – 5,800,000 chips

Francis Anderson (USA) – 3,695,000 chips

Roman Korenev (Russian Federation) – 3,310,000 chips

Joseph Liberta (USA) – 2,540,000 chips

Joe Curcio (USA) – 1,540,000 chips

Final table payouts thus far:

7th place:  Matt Russell (USA) – $59,642

8th place:  Gustavo Darosamuniz (Brazil) – $45,100

9th place:  Peter Hong (USA) – $34,580

Day 6 starting time:  12noon

Event 29:  $10K HORSE – Final

Total entries:  172

Prize pool:  $1,616,800

Players paid:  26

Final table payouts:

1st place:  Greg Mueller (Canada) – $425,347

2nd place:  Daniel Ospina (Colombia) – $262,882

3rd place:  Dario Sammartino (Italy) – $184,854

4th place:  Scott Clements (USA) – $132,288

5th place:  Craig Chait (USA) – $96,378

6th place:  Mikhail Semin (Russian Federation) – $71,505

7th place:  Matthew Gonzales (USA) – $54,043

8th place:  Phil Galfond (USA) – $41,625

Event 30 – $1K PLO – Day 2 of 3

Total entries:  1,526

Prize pool:  $1,374,300

Players paid:  229

Minimum payout:  $1,502

Winner payout:  $236,673

Day 3 players remaining:  5

Final table chip counts:

Luis Zedan (USA) – 15,670,000 chips

Thida Lin (USA) – 6,190,000 chips

Ryan Robinson (USA) – 4,675,000 chips

Ryan Goindoo (Trinidad and Tobago) – 2,985,000 chips

Sam Razavi (UK) – 1,050,000

Final table payouts thus far:

6th place:  Gregory Donatelli (USA) – $41,453

7th place:  Christopher Conrad (USA) – $31,130

8th place:  Stanislav Parkhomenko (Bulgaria) – $23,654

9th place:  Erik Wilcke (Germany) – $18,188

Day 4 starting time:  12noon

Event 31:  $3K NLHE 6-Handed – Final

Total entries:  754

Prize pool:  $2,035,800

Players paid:  114

Final table payouts:

1st place:  Thomas Cazayous (UK) – $414,766

2nd place:  Nicholas Howard (USA) – $256,314

3rd place:  Upeshka de Silva (USA) – $172,658

4th place:  Wojciech Barzantny (Germany) – $118,421

5th place:  Angel Guillen (Mexico) – $82,726

6th place:  Raul Martinez (UK) – $58,881

Event 32:  $1K Seniors NLHE – Day 2 of 4

Total entries:  5,917

Prize pool:  $5,325,300

Players paid:  888

Minimum payout:  $1,499

Winner payout:  $662,694

Day 2 players remaining:  252

Chip leader:  Howard Mash (USA) – 2,065,000 chips

Day 3 starting time:  11am

Event 33:  $1,500 Limit 2-7 Lowball Triple Draw – Day 2 of 3

Total entries:  467

Prize pool:  $630,450

Players paid:  71

Minimum payout:  $2,235

Winner payout:  $144,027

Day 2 players remaining:  17

Chip leader:  Hanh Tran (Austria) – 457,000 chips

Day 3 starting time:  2pm

Event 34:  $1K Double Stack NLHE – Day 1 of 6

Total entries:  2,944 (not final)

Prize pool:  TBD

Players paid:  TBD

Minimum payout:  TBD

Winner payout:  TBD

Day 1A players remaining:  1,170

Chip leader:  Juan Esirviez (Argentina) – 530,000 chips

Day 1B starting time:  10am

Day 2 starting time:  Sunday at 12pm

Event 35:  $10K Dealer’s Choice 6-Handed Championship – Day 1 of 4

Total entries:  115 (registration remains open)

Prize pool:  $1,081,000 (not final)

Players paid:  TBD

Minimum payout:  TBD

Winner payout:  TBD

Day 1 players remaining:  44

Chip leader:  Jeff Lisandro (Australia) – 347,900 chips

Day 2 starting time: 2pm

Notable Information

When Event 29 finished, one player sat holding the WSOP gold bracelet, and he was no stranger to it. Greg Mueller won the $10K HORSE Championship and more than $425K, ten years after he won his first two bracelets in 2009.

Mueller hasn’t been playing as much as in the past, admitting that he doesn’t study the game as much as he works to maintain his physical and mental health. “When I’m in Canada, I don’t play one hand of poker,” he commented. “I do my thing: work out, play hockey three times a week, watch a ton of sports.”

When he returned to the WSOP this year, he found that he still had what it took to win, and he described it as “a good attitude, a fortune of good luck, and good friends around.”

Over in Event 31, the man called the “silent assassin” by his opponents won his first WSOP gold. Thomas Cazayous is a French poker pro living in the UK, and the 24-year-old was nothing if not confident in his abilities. “I don’t want to say I think I was the best,” he said, “but I felt pretty sure what I had to do.”


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