2019 WSOP Day 14: Bechtel Sets Record with Win

2019 WSOP Day 14: Bechtel Sets Record with Win

Poker trivia:  Who won the 1993 WSOP Main Event?

Hint:  That same person won a WSOP bracelet yesterday, a full 26 years after his last one. Scroll to the bottom to get the scoop on that poker champion and the new record that he set.

On Tuesday, June 11, this is what happened at the 50th Annual World Series of Poker.

Event 19:  $1,500 NLHE Millionaire Maker – Day 4 of 5

Total entries: 8,809

Prize pool:  $11,892,150

Players paid:  1,322

Minimum payout:  $2,249

Winner payout:  $1,344,930

Day 4 players remaining:  6

Final table chip counts:

Kazuki Ikeuchi (Japan) – 60,750,000 chips

Cory Albertson (USA) – 57,475,000 chips

Lokesh Garg (USA) – 28,800,000 chips

Joshua Thibodaux (USA) – 26,975,000 chips

John Gorsuch (USA) – 23,450,000 chips

Vincas Tamasauskas (Lithuania) – 22,600,000 chips

Final table payouts thus far:

7th place:  Bob Shao (USA) – $204,306

8th place:  Fabian Gumz (Germany) – $157,565

9th place:  Joshua Reichard (USA) – $122,375

Day 5 starting time:  12noon

Event 21:  $10K NL 2-7 Lowball Draw – Final

Total entries: 91

Prize pool:  $855,400

Players paid:  14

Final table payouts:

1st place:  Jim Bechtel (USA) – $253,817

2nd place:  Vincent Musso (USA) – $156,872

3rd place:  Darren Elias (USA) – $109,738

4th place:  Prahlad Friedman (USA) – $78,157

5th place:  Jean-Robert Bellande (USA) – $56,693

6th place:  Pedro Bromfman (Brazil) – $41,897

7th place:  Paul Volpe (USA) – $31,556

8th place:  Galen Hall (USA) – $24,232

Event 22:  $1K Double Stack NLHE – Final

Total entries:  3,253

Prize pool:  $2,927,700

Players paid:  488

Final table payouts:

1st place:  Jorden Fox (USA) – $420,693

2nd place:  Jayachandra Gangaiah (USA) – $259,834

3rd place:  Jeffrey Smith (USA) – $191,789

4th place:  Simon Legat (France) – $142,648

5th place:  Marco Aurelio (USA) – $106,917

6th place:  Ryan Teves (USA) – $80,760

7th place:  Scott Vener (USA) – $61,480

8th place:  Andrew Glauberg (USA) – $47,173

9th place:  Christopher Andler (Sweden) – $36,484

Event 23:  $1,500 Eight-Game Mix – Day 3 of 4

Total entries:  612

Prize pool:  $826,200

Players paid:  92

Minimum payout:  $2,257

Winner payout:  $177,294

Day 3 players remaining:  2

Final table chip counts:

Rami Boukai (USA) – 4,565,000 chips

John Evans (USA) – 1,545,000 chips

Final table payouts thus far:

3rd place:  Chris Klodnicki (USA) – $72,933

4th place:  Philip Long (UK) – $49,531

5th place:  Allen Kessler (USA) – $34,329

6th place:  Donny Rubinstein (USA) – $24,292

Day 4 starting time:  2pm

Event 25:  $600 PLO Deepstack – Day 2 of 3

Total entries:  2,577

Prize pool:  $1,352,925

Players paid:  387

Minimum payout:  $875

Winner payout:  $205,605

Day 2 players remaining:  12

Chip leader:  Corey Wright (USA) – 16,025,000 chips

Day 3 starting time:  12noon

Event 26:  $2,620 NLHE Marathon – Day 2 of 6

Total entries:  1,083

Prize pool:  $2,553,714

Players paid:  163

Minimum payout:  $3,928

Winner payout:  $477,401

Day 2 players remaining:  188

Chip leader:  David Coleman (USA) – 651,000 chips

Day 3 starting time:  1pm

Event 27:  $1,500 Seven-Card Stud Hi/Lo 8-or-Better – Day 2 of 4

Total entries:  460

Prize pool:  $621,000

Players paid:  69

Minimum payout:  $2,265

Winner payout:  $142,801

Day 2 players remaining:  22

Chip leader:  Michael Mizrachi (USA) – 643,000 chips

Day 3 starting time:  2pm

Event 28:  $1K NLHE – Day 1 of 3

Total entries:  2,477

Prize pool:  $2,229,300

Players paid:  372

Minimum payout:  $1,500

Winner payout:  $341,854

Day 1 players remaining:  346

Chip leader:  Guiseppe Pantaleo (Germany) – 498,000 chips

Day 2 starting time:  12noon

Event 29:  $10K HORSE – Day 1 of 4

Total entries:  161 (registration remains open

Prize pool:  $1,513,400 (not final)

Players paid:  TBD

Minimum payout:  TBD

Winner payout:  TBD

Day 1 players remaining:  83

Chip leader:  Daniel Ospina (Colombia) – 255,000 chips

Day 2 starting time:  2pm

Notable Information

Some poker players were not yet born in 1993, and others paid little or no attention to the lesser-known World Series of Poker at that time. But that year, he achieved a feat that few had done before him by winning $1 million in the WSOP Main Event.

Prior to that, Bechtel was a farmer who played poker occasionally, though he did rack up some final table finishes at the WSOP in the late 1970s and 1980s. The 1993 Main Event garnered 231 players, and Bechtel finished on top for $1 million.

The Arizonan has since made numerous other WSOP final tables, most notably taking fourth place in the 2006 $50K HORSE event, but it wasn’t until yesterday that he won his second bracelet. At the age of 67, he also set a record – the longest period (26 years) between bracelet wins, breaking the record of 24 years set by Chip Reese.

The 2019 bracelet win came in his favorite game, deuce-to-seven. “It’s the toughest true poker game,” he explained. It’s much more complicated than a lot of the other games where the math comes in so much. This game, it’s the read of the player.” He also added that he was happy to win again.

In Event 22, Jorden Fox celebrated his first WSOP bracelet, surrounded by his family, including his eight-months pregnant partner. He noted that he attends the WSOP each year with his father and several other family members, all of whom play events and support each other.

“It’s the most amazing thing,” he said. “I’m about to have a baby next month, and I’m only here to play three tournaments. This is the third one, and I just won it. It’s unbelievable.”


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