2014 Mobile and Tablet Gambling Summit in Atlantic City on October 27 and 28

The 2014 Mobile and Tablet Gambling Summit will begin in Atlantic City on Monday, October 27. The event will take place at the Bally’s Atlantic City. Online gambling industry leaders will gather to discuss challenges and opportunities facing the mobile gambling industry.

While the industry has many similarities to traditional online gambling, many of the developers and operators are startups which got into the business for cellphone and tablet computer gaming, solely. The technology used for such gaming is much different, because it is handled through applications.

Mobile Casino in America

Mobile gaming becomes a larger part of the Internet gambling industry every year. By 2017, it is predicted that mobile gambling turnover will increase to $100 billion worldwide. As more people around the globe buy smartphones and become more comfortable with the technology, game designers will create apps to service the wider base of gamblers.

In the United States, smart phone market penetration is expected to reach 75% in the next few years. That will driving mobile casino gaming, which itself should increase the often-predicted profits surge in the mobile arena. Morgan Stanley has predicted a major upswing in online gambling profits in the United States by 2020 and mobile gaming platforms are expected to drive much of that growth.

MTGS Agenda

The two-day conventtion will include workshops round table discussions, and keynote speeches. The convention is devoted to addressing technical hurdles to progress.

The conference will have 25 speakers spread over 2 days. New Jersey State Senator Ray Lesniak will be one of the speakers on hand. Pierre Cadena, who serves as Vice President of Corporate Development for Caesars Interactive, will be another participant. Frank Pracukowski, Director of Administration at Foxwoods Interactive, is another top speaker.

Wide Perspective

Between them, the various keynote speakers represent a wide range of gaming experiences. For instance, Foxwoods Interactive is a free-play gaming website offered for promotional purposes. What it does is build up a 50-state list of potential clients for Foxwoods, while remaining legal across the United States.

Caesars Interactive, on the other hand, is a real-money gambling website. It has the full experience of building a customer database in New Jersey, while overcoming all the technical difficulties the online gaming industry faced in that state.

Ray Lesniak Talks Sports Gambling

Senator Raymond Lesniak should have a great deal to talk about, including the decision by U.S. District Judge Michael Shipp to issue a temporary restraining order to keep Monmouth Park from offering sports betting at its complex last weekend.

Robert DellaFave in Attendance

Robert DellaFave, the Independent Gambling Consultant for PocketFives, will be moderating a discussion and take questions from the audience. The topic of discussion will be improvements game designers can make to existing platforms.

PocketFives is a mobile poker news website and forum which offered a $150,000 tournament event at the Borgata in June 2015. The site is one of the industry leaders, so attendees should find plenty of ideas in the workshop.

Darren Pollard on Revenue Potentials

Darren J. Pollard, the CEO of Mayfair Mobile Gaming, will be hosting a discussion called “Mobile Marketing: Realize the Mobile Revenue Potential”. This will be the final session on October 28, which will mark the end of the MTGS convention.

The European counterpart to the American Mobile and Tablet Gambling Summit will take place in London on November 10. The list of speakers will be decidedly different.

The Future of Online Gambling

Gambling fans might not know a lot of the names at the MTGS conference, but that will change in the years ahead. As the years go by, mobile and tablet computer gambling is going to comprise a larger proportion of the world’s real money gaming industry. When it does, then the names you read about will become more integral to the entire online gambling community. Already, tablet computer sales are beginning to equal those of desktop computer sales.

While the tablets have some catching up to do, eventually, there will be more tablet computers in the world than traditional desktop PCs. When that happens, you might find the names at the MTGS summit might well be considered more important than their counterparts from the traditional online casinos. That seems like a far-off eventuality at the moment, but it might not be by 2020.

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