New US Poker Sites

While the online poker market in the United States has certainly had its share of ups and downs recently, there are still bright spots for players from the US.  For one:  New poker rooms that accept US players are opening their doors on a regular basis.  These sites provide US poker fans with the newest options for playing poker online, options that we're going to discuss in-depth in our Guide to New Poker Sites for players from the United States.

Best New Poker Sites for US Players 2017

Before we get to the in-depth analysis of the most recent poker sites for US players, let's just cut right to the chase and identify the new sites that offer the best combination of safety, gameplay and value.  Here are the top new sites for US players.

Ignition Poker - Deposit Bonus up to $2,000

Ignition Poker is another new USA poker site. This site also launched in 2015 as an independant network. Ignition Poker features excellent software with multiple user options and great multi-tabling functions. Players will receive a 100% to $2000 bonus in addition to a value packed rewards program when you become a VIP member.

Sportsbetting Poker’s bonus is a cash bonus. This means that instead of waiting to clear it, you receive it upfront as soon as your deposit is complete.

Ignition Poker Review

Playing it Safe With New 2017 US Poker Sites

The golden rule of playing at new US poker site:  Play it safe with your bankroll.  New poker sites are, like any new business, in a more vulnerable position on average than an established room.  As a result, all poker players who deposit at new US sites should exercise caution - for example, make small deposits and keep your standing bankroll lower than you normally would.

Are most new poker rooms safe and honest?  Absolutely.  Does that fact protect players to the fullest?  Unfortunately, no.  The only way to feel really comfortable with an online poker site is time and experience, so work to build both at a reasonable pace when playing for real money at a new poker site for US players.

Another step you can take to reduce your risk:  Do more research regarding new poker sites than you would do for a poker site that you're already familiar with.  Taking the time to find out the basic information about the room (who is behind it, who regulates it and how are player balances handled) may feel boring at the moment, but you'll be more than happy you spent the time if it helps you to avoid losing a chunk of your bankroll.

Depositing at New Online Poker Sites

Depositing at the newest online poker sites is just as easy as depositing at an established site.  Most US-friendly poker sites take the same set of deposit options, the most popular of which include:

  1. Money Transfer:  Services like MoneyGram allow you to send money directly to an online poker site.  MoneyGram and similar services do carry fees, but you can generally count on the room to provide you with a credit to cover those fees.
  2. Credit Cards:  Popular credit cards such as Visa and MasterCard give players a quick, secure way to move some money on to an online poker room.  Credit card deposits are simple, and have few drawbacks other than relatively low deposit maximums.
  3. Prepaid Cards:  Safe and easy to use, prepaid cards are quickly rising up the online poker deposit ranks.  While they work like credit cards, they are essentially gift cards that you load using cash or your credit card that can then be used for transactions up to that amount.

In keeping with our earlier advice, players who want to deposit at new poker sites for the US should prefer methods that carry the lowest risk of fraud.  For this reason, prepaid cards - which have a built-in limit to your financial exposure - are the method we suggest players from the US use to deposit at new poker sites.  MoneyGram and other money transfer services are also a low-risk option, although they do involve more work than a prepaid card.

Compatibility at Newer Online Poker Sites for US Players

One drawback of new online poker sites open to players from the US is that they tend to have compatibility issues.  New poker sites generally want to get to market as quickly as possible, and as a result they will sometimes lack compatible versions for Mac, Linux and mobile devices.  If you use an operating system like Ubuntu or are looking to play online poker using your iPad, you may be out of luck - at least for now.

The positive news:  More and more workarounds exist that allow Mac and Linux users to run programs designed for Windows with minimal effort or cost.  Additionally, the explosive growth of mobile is motivating more and more poker rooms to think of mobile as a primary piece of the puzzle, as opposed to something that can simply be added on at a future point.  Those two factors are dramatically, and rapidly, increasing the amount of new US poker rooms that launch already compatible with a variety of operating systems and devices.

As you can see, new US online poker sites are a bit of a mixed bag.  On one hand, they offer players excellent promotions and bonuses as they attempt to attract new traffic.  On the other hand, players need to proceed with caution despite all of the apparent value.  Finding the balance between the two is the key to extracting maximum profits from the newest online poker sites available to US players.