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Truth be told, Linux users are going to have a hard time finding a compatible poker site. They just don’t exist. Put it this way; Mac users outweigh Linux users 6:1, and we all have seen how long it’s taken for online poker sites and casinos to create standalone downloads for them.

That being said, Linux poker players will still be able to play online poker. They’ll just need to use an alternative method. I cover those methods, and more, below.

You will also find a list of online poker sites that accept US players and are available for the Linux operating system. Please note – none of the sites listed on this page offer a Linux compatible version of the software. You will need to use one of the options explained below to play on these sites. Unfortunately, there are no US accepted poker rooms that have a Linux platform.

Beginners Guide to Playing Online Poker on Linux OS

Finding Real Money (Linux) Poker Sites

Finding the right poker site is important. You want to make sure you sign up to a safe site that has games you enjoy playing and deposit options you can use.

The ideal (and fastest) way to find this site is to use the top list tables and reviews on our site. We handpick the perfect poker sites for players, review them and then share our findings with you. Things we look for include:

  • A good reputation, satisfied customers and fair games.
  • A variety of games, variations and stakes. Traffic to these games are just as important, too.
  • A variety of deposit options, no/small fees, quick processing times and secure transactions.
  • Generous promotions and reasonable terms.

From here, all that’s left is figuring out what you want. Ask yourself, what games do I want to play, what stakes and what banking methods do I have? Then use our reviews to find the site that’s right for you.

What American (Linux) Poker Players Need to Know

As an American Linux user, finding a compatible poker site isn’t your only problem. You also have the challenge of finding a poker site that accepts US players.

We try to make this easy for you. On our top list charts and review pages you’ll see an American flag or symbol. This means that the site accepts US players. Since there are poker sites that exclude certain states from signing up (due to those states having stricter online gambling laws), we do what we can to mention whether or not the poker site accepts all 50 states.

Another challenge that you may face is finding a deposit method that is accepted. Credit and debit cards are still the first and easist option for Americans because of their accessibility, higher limits and faster processing times. Many sites still have a high acceptance rate, too. However, there may come a time where your credit or debit card is declined. In these cases you’ll want to try again or call support to have them manually run it. If that still doesn’t work then Americans should try an e-wallet or money transfer option like Western Union.

Options for Linux Operating Systems

Since you’re unlikely to find a download for the Linux operating system, you’ll have to use an alternative method to play online poker. Here are the 3 options you have.

No Download / Browser – No download games, also known as instant play or browser games, give you the opportunity to play from your browser. You don’t have to download any software.

The upside to the no download option is that you don’t have to download large files to your computer. It’s also fast to get started — just log in, choose your game and play. You can also play from any computer, so long as it has internet access.

The downside for Linux users is that the no download games need to be powered by Java. If the games are powered by Flash you’ll need to use an emulator. And if you have to go that far you might as well download the software.

Install Wine – Wine is a program that allows you to run Windows applications on Linux (and other) operating systems. It’s not quite an emulator though. It doesn’t simulate the operating system(s), but translates Windows API on the fly. This means faster, more reliable performance. That’s important for online poker.

Using Wine, you can download the poker site’s software to your computer. That makes Wine your ideal option. Wine is free, too. You can get it here.

Dual Boot – Your last option is to setup a dual boot system. Dual booting is having more than one operating system installed on the same hard drive. Once setup, whenever you turn on your computer you’ll have the option for which operating system to use. When you want to play poker you’ll choose a Windows or Apple operating system, and when you want to do other stuff you can run Linux. Dual booting gives you both.

That said, dual booting might not be right for you. You need to know what you’re doing when it comes to setting it up on your computer. It also takes up more space on your hard drive, and can take longer to boot up.

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