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What Are The Fastest Cashout Poker Sites For US Players?

Fast payment processing is the hallmark of a reputable site. There are two reasons that the speed of cashouts should be high on any player’s priority list. First, having the ability to easily withdraw your poker bankroll gives you peace of mind, because you never know when you’ll need the cash fast. Second, delays in payments to players has often been a precursor to bigger problems in the past. Delayed withdrawals are a ‘red flag’ that something may be amiss with the room.

This guide to the fastest-paying poker sites goes beyond reproducing the estimated times given by the rooms. These times are compared to reports from real players, and include any issues faced when withdrawing. Everyone wants to know how to get their profits out of sites, quickly and easily.

Here is how you’ll find the information laid out:

-Fastest Withdrawal Methods Overall

-How to Cash Out: All the Options Explained

-Room by Room Guide: Includes Methods, Times and Player Feedback

-Rogue Sites: How Previous Payment Delays Quickly Snowballed

-Poker Site Withdrawal FAQ

What is the Fastest Poker Site Withdrawal Method Overall?

One thing all the US poker sites have in common is the ability to use cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum for deposits.

While these have a setup stage (you’ll need a wallet and to use an exchange), they are the fastest method of withdrawing by a wide margin. Most sites require that you deposited using crypto before you can use this for withdrawals. Once you start using this, you’ll typically get your withdrawal processed within one or two days.

The first time you withdraw using any of the options outlined below, you’ll need to provide ID documents. If you want the fastest possible withdrawal, you can get this step completed before it is time to request your cashout. This process is known as ‘Know Your Customer’ (or KYC). It protects both you and the poker site from fraud.

US Poker Site Cash Out Options Explained

There are four ways to get your money out for US-based players. If you are based outside the US, more options come into play. These are cryptocurrency, paper check, bank wire or using money transfer services.


You’ll need to have deposited using crypto before this withdrawal method becomes available. This will mean you already went through the steps of setting up a wallet, and funding it via an exchange. Withdrawing is simply the reverse process. You’ll generate a ‘receiver ID’ from your own wallet and provide this to the poker site. When your cryptocurrency arrives, you’ll need to go back to an exchange and sell your Bitcoin (or alt coins) for dollars.

Paper Check

This is the most common withdrawal option for players that deposited using their credit card or a prepaid card. Most poker sites will allow a free check once per month. For multiple checks, you’ll need to pay a processing fee. These are couriered to your door, usually within a week to 10 days. Next, you need to deposit the check at your bank. These are welcomed by all US banks. You’ll need to wait a few days for the check to be cleared before the cash is available to spend.

Money Transfer Services

Some sites will allow deposits and withdrawals using big brand money transfer companies such as MoneyGram and Western Union. The cash will be wired by an individual on behalf of the poker room. You’ll then need to go to a local branch office (often found in malls) and collect the money. While this is a stable withdrawal option, it is not the fastest. Most sites will pass on the processing fees charged by the companies to players.

Bank Wires

This is a less common poker withdrawal option. It has a relatively high cost compared to other methods as the sites need to pay third-party payment processors to get the wire through. Where offered, this method is for VIP players/high rollers only.

Poker Site Guide: Withdrawal Options and Player Reports

Bovada Poker

Bovada are the biggest site for US players. They have been running for a long time – changing their name from Bodog in 2011. This site attracts a lot of recreational players – using anonymous tables and multi-tabling restrictions to prevent pro grinders from dominating the games. Bovada offer a mobile poker client, as well as downloads for both Windows and Mac.

You can deposit using credit cards (including prepaid Visa cards) and cryptocurrencies at Bovada. Options for coins include Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash. Visa, MasterCard and American Express are all welcomed. Money transfers and wires are not listed as options, though may also be available. Their site lists paper checks (10 to 15 days) and cryptocurrency (48 hours for approval, then 15 minutes) as the available withdrawal options. Bovada has an excellent reputation, and are well known in the poker community for fast withdrawals.

Player Reports

These are positive, with many players reporting cryptocurrency withdrawals process within a couple of hours of the request. The range varies, with a smaller number of players complaining that they needed to wait up to three days. Paper checks are slower. While Bovada provide one free check each month, and will send this via courier, typical wait times are a little over one week and can reach two weeks.

You can follow the discussion on PaiWangLuo network withdrawals on this thread over at 2+2.

The table below compares the cashout options with player reports:

Cashout Method# Days from Site# Days from Player Reports
Bitcoin / Bitcoin Cash21 hour to 4 days
Check10 to 157 to 15


Method# of DaysFeesMinimumMaximum
Bitcoin / Bitcoin Cash48hrs (approval) + 15 minutes0$10$9,500
Check10 to 15 days$100*$100$3000


*One free withdrawal per month.

Ignition Poker

This site shares games with fellow PaiWangLou Network site Bovada. This is a newer site, and briefly took over poker from Bovada, before that site reopened their room in 2017. It is possible to have accounts on both skins, and to take advantage of the welcome bonus on both. You’ll also find anonymous tables at Ignition, which prevent tracking software from giving the pro players too big an edge.

Payment options are identical to those at the larger Bovada site. These are credit cards (with Amex, Visa and MasterCard listed as options + prepaid Visa cards), and cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. The stated withdrawal times (following a KYC check) are also identical. Ignition Poker recently introduced a four-digit PIN system to increase security, which you will need to use to request a withdrawal.

Player Reports

Unsurprisingly, the times given by players for withdrawals also match the larger Bovada site. Cryptocurrency withdrawals are the fastest by a huge margin. The fastest recent reports saw the coins placed in player wallets within 35 minutes. Once again, there are a small number of complaints with players waiting three or more days. Paper checks are processed together with those from the larger skin, and again take between 7 and 15 days.

America’s Cardroom Poker

Commonly known as ACR, this site on the Winning Poker Network has carved out a niche as the go-to site for bigger buy-in tournaments. There are regular $1,000,000 guaranteed Sunday events, known as ‘The Venom’. You will also find week-long poker tournament events (the Online Super Series) several times a year. There is plenty of cash game action too. Innovations include 6+ Hold’em and ‘Jackpots’ (lottery SNGs).

America’s Cardroom offer payment options in 60 different cryptocurrencies. These include the majors like Bitcoin and Litecoin, plus many more. Withdrawals via this method kick in once you have made a deposit using them. You can also use credit cards and money transfer options. ACR also offer a player-to-player transfer service.

Player Reports

Positive reports for cashout times have been reported. The best withdrawal speeds show crypto back to your wallet within a few hours. There have been one or two mix-ups with paper check withdrawals. Support provided unclear information to a couple of players. On the whole, checks are delivered within 10 days, which is average for this method.

The following thread at 2+2 covers withdrawals on the Winning Poker Network.

Cashout Method# Days from Site# Days from Player Reports
Cryptocurrency17 hours to 3 days
Money Transfer15Not Listed
Check10 to 157 to 15


Method# of DaysFeesMinimumMaximum
Bitcoin / Bitcoin Cash10$50$10,000
Money Transfer15Not listed$50$1000
Check10 to 15 days$100*$100$3000


*One free withdrawal per month.

BetOnline Poker

The Chico Poker Network is smallest of the ‘big 3’ US-friendly networks, many players consider it to host the softest games. With the main brands being huge sports betting sites, the fields are mostly recreational. There is limited high-stakes action here, and a small tournament schedule. If you enjoy smaller stakes (up to $200 buy-in) No-Limit Hold’em cash games – BetOnline offer a wide choice.

Payment options for BetOnline are credit cards, crypto and money transfer. If you are a high roller, then wire transfers may also be available. Like the other sites, cryptocurrency use is encouraged. You can choose Bitcoin, Dash, Ethereum, Litecoin or Bitcoin Cash. BetOnline provides credit which covers one free check withdrawal each month – you can have multiple checks if you are willing to pay a small administration fee.

Player Reports

A fair summary would be that BetOnline are very reliable for cashouts, though, not necessarily the fastest. Cryptocurrency withdrawals can be fast, though most players are made to wait a couple of days. Checks can take 10+ days, again, there are no significant issues reported, though this lead time is slightly longer than for other sites.

This 2+2 discussion focuses on payments and withdrawals on the Chico Poker Network.

Cashout Method# Days from Site# Days from Player Reports
Cryptocurrency24 hours6 hours+
Money Transfer5 daysNot Listed
Check7 days7 to 12 days


Method# of DaysFeesMinimumMaximum
Bitcoin / Bitcoin Cash / Dash / Ethereum / Litecoin10Not Listed$10,000
Money Transfer5 daysNot Listed$26$1000*
Check7 days$50**$500$1500
Money Orders7 days$80Not ListedNot Listed
Bank Wire15 daysNot ListedNot Listed$24,900 / Week


*Money order cash outs determined for individual players

**Chico Network sites provide $50 in credit per month for cash outs

SportsBetting Poker

With the same owner, same games and same payment processing as BetOnline, this Chico Skin is almost identical to the site covered above. Recreational players are numerous here, and the focus is on the low-to-mid-stakes No Limit Hold’em cash games. You’ll get a big $1,000 welcome bonus at either of the Chico skins covered here. In addition, there are promos including a big bat beat jackpot prize and smaller leaderboard style contests.

Again, payment options match BetOnline. Credit card brands accepted here are Visa, MasterCard and Amex. Cryptocurrency options are Bitcoin, Dash, Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash. Money transfer is also offered. International players can also use the popular eWallets, Neteller and Skrill.

Player Reports

Major issues are rare at SportsBetting Poker. While cash outs are reliable, they are average in terms of speed. All players will undergo a ‘KYC’ check (backup documents) before their first withdrawal is processed.

Intertops Poker

Compared to the size of the sites covered above, Intertops is tiny. With only 100 cash game players at peak times, there is not much action above the lowest limits. This site is part of the Horizon Poker Network. It is open to both US and International players. If you have been around online poker for a while you might recognise the software. This was first developed by Cake Poker, later being used on the Revolution Poker Network. Tournament players will only find small stakes games at Intertops. Even the biggest weekly tournament only has a $2500 guaranteed prize pool.

You can deposit at Intertops using the regular US payment methods. These are credit cards, prepaid credit cards, crypto (Bitcoin) and money transfers. Withdrawals are via paper checks or cryptocurrency.

Player Reports

These are reliable, following the usual KYC check. Cryptocurrency withdrawals are naturally the quickest. You’ll have your winnings into your wallet inside one day in most cases, and two days at worst. Checks are free once per month, but these take between 10 to 14 days to reach you.

You can follow the discussion on payment processing for Intertops / Horizon Network sites on this long 2+2 Forums thread.

Cashout Method# Days from Site# Days from Player Reports
Cryptocurrency48 hours24 hours+
Money Transfer5 daysNot Listed
Check5 days5 to 9 days


Method# of DaysFeesMinimumMaximum
Bitcoin / Bitcoin Cash / Litecoin480$100$2500 / Week
Money Transfer7 business days$85$100$450 / Week
Check5 business days$50*$150$3000 / Week
Money Orders7 days$80Not ListedNot Listed
Bank Wire10 – 15 business days$50 + bank fee$150$2500 / Week

Why Player Reports are Important: Early Warning Signs

Over the years, some poker sites have shut down, taking player bankrolls with them. While most of the current crop of offshore poker rooms are reputable, you never know when trouble can occur.

This makes keeping an eye on player reports important, as well as only keeping the money you need to play in your account.

Lock Poker make a great example of how payment reports from players can help you. This site was a popular choice back in 2014, with many US grinders going there to enjoy rakeback deals and bonuses. Issues started coming up with late payments, with the delays quickly snowballing from weeks to months. A year later, Lock closed, taking the bankrolls of thousands of players with it.

By following the reports on popular forums, some players were able to see that all was not well. Some cashed out in time, and many others were warned that depositing there was risky.

There are still sites running where cashing out is next to impossible. Carbon Poker (on the Merge Network), was once a big and reputable site. Over the last year or so, payments to players have all but stopped. This site still accepts deposits.

Make sure you keep an eye on forums such as 2+2. If there appear to be issues at any site, I recommend getting your money off right away. You can always return later if the issues are resolved.

Fastest Payout Poker Sites FAQs

What Is Considered a Fast Withdrawal?

This depends on what method you are using. For cryptocurrency withdrawals, same-day processing is possible. If you get your payment within 2 days, this is considered average. Check and money transfer withdrawals take longer. If you receive a check within one week of your cash out request, this is fast. Up to 10 days is average for these methods, and two or more weeks would be considered slow.

What Do I Need to Cash Out from a Poker Site?

All reputable poker sites will put you through a ‘Know Your Customer’ check before your first withdrawal. This is a security measure that involves sending in backup documents proving your address and id. Without these checks the sites would be targets for fraud. While some players consider this an unnecessary burden, they make online poker safer for everyone.

You might also be asked to send a picture of your credit card by some sites. You can black out some of the numbers if you wish.

Preparing for your KYC check in advance, or even sending in your documents before you withdraw, will speed up the cash out process.

Are There any Fees? Why Do Sites Charge Fees?

Most poker sites will process cryptocurrency withdrawals for free. For paper checks, money transfers and bank wires, fees can be added. The usual system is to allow one free check withdrawal each month. Some sites give you credit towards the processing fee, others simply charge ($40 to $65) for the second and subsequent check.

When are Withdrawals Processed?

This depends on the individual site. Most are 24/7, with cryptocurrency withdrawals processed every day. Checks and other withdrawal options usually take place within business hours. These are batched, with many payments processed together.

What is the Most Secure Method for Withdrawals?

Without a doubt, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are the most secure withdrawal method, as well as the fastest.


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