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Amex / American Express Poker Sites

American Express members who want to use their Amex to deposit at an online poker site face a tougher road than players using other major credit cards.  For more information on poker sites accepting American Express and which legal poker sites accept Amex, continue on to our Online Poker & American Express guide.

Best USA Poker Sites Accepting American Express

The list of poker sites that accept American Express is constantly in flux – a fact that’s also true for other cards like Visa and Mastercard.  Below you’ll find our top picks for poker sites that take Amex deposits.  If you have any questions about how to make a deposit at the room using American Express, just contact site support for a comprehensive walk-through.

Top 4 Poker Sites Accepting Amex Payments
# US Poker Site Licensed States Not Accepted Bonus Visit Site
NY, MD, and WA
100% up to $500
NY, MD, and WA
100% up to $3000
No Banned States! Accepts Everyone!
100% up to $1000
No Banned States! Accepts Everyone!
100% up to $1000

Are There Fees for Depositing With American Express?

Once people find out which legal US poker sites take American Express, their next question is: How much will it cost to deposit at a poker site with Amex?  There’s no one answer to that query, but here are two things you should know:  One, if there are fees you can almost certainly get the poker room to reimburse you for them.  Just make sure you work out an arrangement before you deposit.  Two, if the fees end up being too high, consider using an alternative payment method to make your deposit at a poker site that accepts US players.

We have guides that will be helpful if this is the route you decide to take.  For example, you might find this Online Poker & Visa guide helpful, as well as our Online Poker & MoneyGram guide.  If you don’t find the specific guide you’re looking for, feel free to contact us and we’ll point you in the right direction.

Amex Poker Sites: Deposit Workarounds

Are you having trouble using your American Express to deposit at an online poker site?  You have a few options that can be utilized to play poker with an Amex.  The first is to use your Amex to fund an alternative payment source – an ewallet or prepaid card, for example.  The second is to use your Amex at a money transfer service like Moneygram.  With both of these options, you should pay very close attention to the potential fees you might end up paying, especially if you are only seeking to make a small deposit.

A third option that many players don’t consider: Contact the cashier at the poker room where you’d like to deposit.  Even if they don’t have American Express listed as one of their deposit options, the room might be able to work with you to develop a custom solution that will allow you to play poker online using your American Express.  You don’t have to do much to pursue this option – just get in touch with support, let them know that you’re looking to make a deposit with American Express and ask if there’s any way that they can help.  Even if they can’t help you to deposit using American Express, they may still be able to point you in the direction of a deposit method that will work for your purposes.

American Express Company Facts

American Express is a financial services giant with global reach.  The company recorded $30 billion in annual revenue in 2011, and reported a total of $153 billion in collected assets.  That revenue and those assets stem largely from the nearly 100 million active cards American Express has on the market – cards that are used, on average, to purchase $822 billion in goods and services by customers.

Those customers are serviced by a workforce that numbers nearly 63,000 spread across operations based in more than 130 countries across the world.  While known primarily for credit cards, American Express also provides a total suite of financial products aimed not only at individual consumers, but businesses of all size as well.

American Express in the News

While the company has enjoyed healthy revenue over the last few quarters, American Express stock has been in more or less of a holding pattern since early 2012.  The stock saw significant gains as 2011 drew to an end, but has been since stalled by a weak economy and a string of bad news for the entire financial industry.

American Express received an extra dose of negative news in October of 2012, when the company announced a settlement with the US government that requires Amex to pay some $85 million in restitution to roughly a quarter of a million customers.  The settlement is in response to a variety of charges levelled against American Express that encompass violations going back nearly a decade.  The company will not only issue payments to impacted customers, but must also submit to annual auditing by an independent agent to ensure that violations do not continue to occur

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