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WSOP Poker For US Players

The entry of into real-money poker games for American players marks a watershed moment for online poker in the United States. As arguably the most recognizable poker brand in the world, the World Series of Poker online poker site has the potential to reignite interest across the U.S. in online poker specifically, and online gambling at large.

In this review, we're going to touch on where you can play at from the U.S. and cover the main points of the poker software that powers real-money play at the popular online poker site.

Where can offer real money gambling in the United States?

Nevada - through parent company Caesars Interactive Entertainment - is licensed to offer online poker in Nevada. As Nevada only allows poker in the status quo, that's all you're able to play (although analysts expect that situation to change before too long).

New Jersey

In New Jersey, the online poker room will again operate under the license of its larger corporate cousin - CIE and Caesars Entertainment proper. Remember, NJ limits online gambling operator licenses to companies that already hold a land-based operator's license.


The status of the online poker room in Delaware is unclear, but expect that the room will eventually be open and available to poker players from the state. This position is buttressed by the fact that partner 888 is part of the consortium selected by Delaware officials to oversee the selection of various licensees and vendors for online gambling in Delaware.

Inside the online poker software

The US poker room is basically a custom version of the 888 Poker software. This results from the long-term partnership between the World Series of Poker and 888. At some point, will migrate over to its own software platform, but that point appears to be still some time off.

Ratings are based on scale of Poor - Below Average - Average - Above Average - Excellent.

Average hand speed / hands dealt

Rating: Average. You'll certainly find software where you'll get in fewer hands per hour, but you'll find an equal number of rooms that are a good deal faster. This aspect probably won't be a deal breaker for most players, but it is something to keep in mind.

Stability issues

Rating: Above average. The software is mature, having seen hundreds of millions of hands. That ensures a stable platform for players. No room is perfect, but you shouldn't have to worry much about crashes or other related issues when playing on the US version of

Security issues

Rating: Excellent. The excellent rating stems both from the extensive history of the software and the fact that it is one of the few online poker software programs that has been vetted by Nevada gaming authorities.

Assessing the user interface of

Rating: Below Average. Our only real complaint with the poker site is that the interface feels cluttered and a bit counter-intuitive. Work to improve filters, informational displays and other interface elements would improve the software on the whole.

What type of player will most enjoy the software?

The target market for the poker site at is the casual to serious American poker player base. To cater to that base, the WSOP has included a number of features designed to appeal to new players, or players for whom poker is primarily a recreational pursuit.

These features often slow down the game a bit and add some friction to the experience for a player whose primary goal is to play the game for profit.

With that said, many of the features are customizable, so with a bit of work in the "options" panel you should be able to reduce the impact they have on your gameplay experience.

List of games available at for real money

The list of available games is a bit short at the moment. This is due to the regulatory scrutiny that any changes or additions to the software - including new games - require. It's also a reflection of the need that US-facing regulated poker sites have to channel their limited player base into a fairly small set of games in order to establish a critical mass of player liquidity.

Cash games

Cash games are primarily limited to hold'em, with the majority of games being no limit hold'em. Additional games are planned, but expect the emergence of anything beyond NLHE to be slow and incremental. 


Low buy-in SNG tournaments and MTTs are likely to be the mainstays of the offerings at for some time to come. Again, if you're hoping for games other than no limit hold'em, prepare to be a bit disappointed for the time being.

The upside is that the tournament lobby will be stocked with valuable promotional tournaments in the months ahead as the online poker room fights against competitors like Ultimate Poker for precious market share in the still-limited space for regulated online poker in America.

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