Thursday It Is for Real-Money Online Poker in Nevada

The real-money online poker market in Nevada is about to get a little bit more crowded, with Caesars Entertainment announcing on a much-anticipated conference call yesterday that it will be launching its site this coming Thursday, September 19.

To date, only one other real-money online poker room has opened in the state of Nevada, which was the first in the nation to pass legislation allowing for online gambling regulation when it did so back in 2011. The first site to go live was Ultimate Poker, having launched its site in late April of this year.

First site to launch featuring premier branding

The World Series of Poker is arguably the most famous – and most distinguished – live poker tournament around. Dating back to 1970, the 43-year history enjoyed by the event has made it one of Caesars’ most valuable assets, so it comes as little surprise that the company is utilizing the WSOP brand in its launch of Nevada online poker.

“Beginning Thursday, September 19, Nevadans and the nearly 40 million annual visitors to the state enter a new era of poker as the world’s most-trusted, oldest and most prestigious poker brand – the World Series of Poker (WSOP) – offers real-money online poker in the United States in the State of Nevada for the first time – exclusively at,” read a press release put out by Caesars after the announcement of the start date.

One lure for the site is that players will be able to win seats in the live event by playing online, something that has the potential to appeal to players at every level of the game.

“ will be the exclusive destination for online players in Nevada to win seats into the land-based World Series of Poker, which has given away more than $1.8 billion to players during its history, including more than $197 million in 2013 alone,” the company said via its press release.

Whether tourists will come to play online poker as yet unknown

Gambling companies are anticipating – and no doubt hoping – that tourists will come to Nevada not only to play poker and other casino games at land-based casino resorts, but also will log on to Internet-based poker rooms to try the virtual versions, as well.

Those who wish to play real-money online poker in Nevada will be required to be physically present in the state when logging on to the sites, and as with other forms of legalized gambling, must be over the age of twenty-one. So far, Nevada law only allows for the playing of online poker to the exclusion of other games. By contrast, in New Jersey and Delaware, thus far the only other states in the nation to pass online gambling legislation, a comprehensive suite of games will be on offer when sites go live in those locations later on this fall.

Tourism issue also important on the east coast

As for New Jersey, the issue of online gambling tourism is even more important.

The Garden State has been struggling for years with declining gambling revenue, and its iGaming law was passed in part as a means of shoring up the flagging Atlantic City casino economy. Surely the eyes of New Jersey regulators and casino operators will be closely observing what happens as the online poker market continues to expand in Nevada, as that state is also hoping that tourists will flock to Atlantic City not only for brick and mortar casinos, but for their online counterparts as well.

Part of what has been troubling the Atlantic City gambling industry is the continuing expansion of land-based casino gambling in neighboring Pennsylvania. Though online gambling has yet to be regulated there, it has long been one of the states to watch in terms of the possibility of regulation going through.

New Jersey may very well find that Internet wagering isn’t the boost it has been hoping for, particularly if Pennsylvania follows suit and decides to pass online wagering legislation itself.

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