Similarities Between Planned Wynn Casinos in Boston and Philadelphia are Purposeful

Clearly Steve Wynn is a man who has an idea of what he likes and how things ought to be and sticks to it. Striking down any notion that he is unaware that waterfront casino properties he has proposed for Philadelphia and Boston are indeed quite similar, Wynn said this week that the commonalities are in fact intentional.

Commenting that the design is essentially the same as the Wynn property in Macau, which became the first Las Vegas-style casino resort in Asia when it opened its doors to the public in 2006, Wynn said, “It is the same hotel tower; I make no bones about it.”

“I love that look. It’s a signature tower. And I don’t apologize for it,” Wynn added.

Anyone familiar with Wynn’s iconic Las Vegas hotel tower and its sister tower, Encore, very may well do a double-take upon viewing the Macau property and the renderings of its intended Boston and Philadelphia sister properties, as there is in fact a remarkable degree of similarity amongst them. Wynn’s penchant for bronze-hued mirrored glass is evident, with this prominent feature adorning the facades of each. In 2010, an additional tower was built at Wynn’s Macau casino, also dubbed Encore, also featuring the same distinctive look.

As with anything Wynn does, the comfort of the guest is his top priority. He noted that the bronze glass enhances the customer’s experience, saying, “I have always looked for a glass curtain wall that suited our purpose. One of the things that happens with glass is that the wavelength of the light affects the color palette on the inside of the room.”

“Whereas when I pick bronze, a glass color that I favor a lot, it heightens the richness of the warmer tones that I use in our interiors. And it makes people’s skin look prettier; people look more attractive in rooms that have warmer light. So that affects my decision on the glass curtain wall,” Wynn told reporters.

This week Wynn said that he has completed a costly host-community agreement with the city of Everett, Massachusetts, just beyond the borders of Boston city proper, where he intends to build a waterfront property on a piece land that is highly contaminated, having previously been occupied by a Monsanto chemical facility. Wynn has promised to clean up the parcel and to build what he has promised will be the most luxurious hotel in Boston should Massachusetts regulators approve his bid to gain the highly-coveted lone operating permit for the Boston area.

Wynn is the first of the Massachusetts applicants to submit a host-community agreement, which is required by the state and addresses potential downsides of developing the property, such as traffic concerns. Last month, a spokesperson for the Wynn company heralded its plans to clean up the toxic site, pointing out that should Wynn’s application be denied, it will likely be a long time before another entity comes along to do so.

The issue of the Everett casino will likely be put to a vote in June. In Pennsylvania, this week a residents’ group lent its support to Wynn’s planned project there. There, Wynn is vying for the last remaining available casino license in Philadelphia.

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