New Ultimate Poker Software Remains Rumor as Update Delayed

One of the most-anticipated software updates in the history of online poker remains little more than a rumor today, as players continue to wait for the second version of Ultimate Poker’s online poker software client.

Ultimate Poker software still in stripped-down state

Players are eagerly anticipating the update for two reasons: first, because there’s a lot of natural interest in Ultimate Poker given the room’s status as the first clearly regulated online poker site to be licensed in the United States.

But second, and perhaps most important, is the fact that Ultimate Poker chose to move ahead with a very bare-bones software client in order to facilitate their initial launch in Nevada.

While that did leave Ultimate Poker at the front of the pack, the decision also resulted in Ultimate Poker launching with a version of their online poker software that lacked many of the features players have come to consider somewhat standard for poker play online.

Ultimate has acknowledged this issue, and representatives from the site have made something of a habit of pointing to the Version 2 release as the cure for most player complaints. As a result, players will be keeping a very close eye on the upgrade to see if it delivers on the promises of Ultimate Poker in terms of bringing the experience a bit closer to par.

Software update expected weeks ago

The launch of Version 2 of the Ultimate Poker has been tentatively announced and pushed back a few times at this point. Most recently, officials at Ultimate were confidently predicting in late July that they were only “days” away from the software upgrade, only to have to walk back on those predictions when more unspecified delays popped up.

Testing delays apparently to blame

While there’s been no official statement on the matter from Nevada gaming regulators or the companies employed by the state to test and certify the software used for online gambling, the general understanding in the industry is that some hitch in the testing process is to blame for the repeated delays related to the Ultimate Poker software upgrade.

For obvious reasons that testing process is operated in something of a black box. That has advantages for security and for ensuring the integrity of the process, but it also naturally results in players and those following the industry raising questions about exactly what aspect of the process is causing things to move at such a turgid pace.

These delays continue despite Ultimate Poker successfully completing their Nevada field test. Whether such delays will also be par for the course in Delaware and New Jersey remains to be seen.

Ultimate not the only operator impacted by these delays

The bright side for Ultimate Poker is that delays seem to be inherent to the process, not some specific result of an issue with Ultimate Poker’s software. While that’s certainly frustrating for Ultimate Poker executives and the players at Ultimate Poker’s tables alike, it’s obviously preferable to a situation in which Ultimate was being held back as other companies were advancing in the process.

Instead, it appears that testing delays are applying near-equal friction to the plans of all Nevada operators hoping to offer real-money poker in the United States. Caesars Interactive had initially pencilled in early July as a launch date, but weeks have come and gone without any firm word on when the room will be live. 888 and Treasure Island had initially announced a late August date for the opening their Nevada online poker room, but have not returned to that issue in recent announcements, suggesting a similar delay for their unveiling.

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