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Jennifer began writing about poker while working at the World Poker Tour in the mid-2000s. Since then, her freelance writing career has taken her from Los Angeles to Las Vegas and back to her hometown of St. Louis, where she now lives with her two dogs. She continues to follow the poker world as she also launches a new subscription box company and finishes her first novel. Jennifer has written for numerous publications including and has followed the US poker and gaming market closely for the last 15 years. Follow Jen on Twitter

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Hypocrisy Abounds in PA Online Gaming Concerns

October 7th, 2017 Written by Jennifer Newell

Pennsylvania has been considering online gaming for years. It is currently part of a broader piece of legislation to expand several forms of gambling in the state. While many legislators support online gaming, concerns abound when things like video gaming terminals enter the picture. Lawmakers have not yet been able to agree on the terminals, which means online gaming waits in the wings. To this point, online poker and casino games were the subject of hearings, lobbying, and debates. Many

Pennsylvania Online Gaming Chances Crumble

October 6th, 2017 Written by Jennifer Newell

The latest news from Pennsylvania regarding the chances for online poker legislation in 2017 is not good. Just days after reports indicated that budget talks were progressing and included online gaming, the legislature’s discussions fell apart with no clear answer in sight to overcome the budget deficit. Throughout the past few weeks, the House and Senate had been debating alternative solutions for the budget crisis in order to find a way to pay for the $2.2 billion deficit. From increased

New Jersey and Australia Gaming Forces Cooperate

October 4th, 2017 Written by Jennifer Newell

Australia was nothing if not serious about its new online poker and gambling ban. And the Australian government plans to make sure that every other regulated market in the world knows about it. The implementation of the Interactive Gambling Amendment 2016 began in September 2017, just one month after the bill passed through the Australian legislative bodies. And part of the process of enforcing its new law is to contact other regulated markets to inform them of the law and

Oregon Poker Room Fights State Law

October 3rd, 2017 Written by Jennifer Newell

As in many states in America, laws relating to poker in Oregon are complicated. That makes the situation between Portland Meadows and the Oregon Lottery even more problematic as it pertains to the legality of poker rooms. The yearlong battle is coming to a head at the end of October, as the Oregon Lottery has set a date to revoke the video lottery license of Portland Meadows, which offers the largest selection of video lottery terminals in the state. But

Fraud Alleged in Tribal Online Poker Venture

October 2nd, 2017 Written by Jennifer Newell

Just days ago, the Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma announced that it received an online gaming license from the Isle of Man and was in the process of finalizing a deal with an “internationally-known brand” with regard to the online poker software involved. A new general manager was also to be announced in preparation for the launch of its online poker site. Days later, a lawsuit filed by the Cheyenne and Arapaho tribes alleges Universal Entertainment Group, creator of the software

Why is Hawaii Cracking Down on Illegal Gambling?

September 30th, 2017 Written by Jennifer Newell

There are only two states out of the 50 in America with no legalized gambling: Utah and Hawaii. The former has a deeply religious population and happily maintains its exception from the gambling culture of the United States. Hawaii, however, has abstained from joining the industry because of the precarious status of an island nation that depends on tourists for its sustainability. But even Hawaii, with its pristine beaches and unique culture, has taken to considering gambling in the past

More Former AP-UB Players Receive Funds

September 29th, 2017 Written by Jennifer Newell

The process of players recovering from Black Friday, at least financially, is finally winding down and looks as if it could be complete by the end of 2017. Garden City Group did not post a new update, but former players on Absolute Poker and/or UltimateBet online poker sites are reporting via social media that payments are being recorded in their bank accounts this week. This is the next round of payments since the process began less than six months ago.

Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma to Offer Online Poker?

September 28th, 2017 Written by Jennifer Newell

Reading recent headlines may lead a person to believe that the Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma is prepared to launch an online poker website from the United States with services offered to international players. News reports surfaced this week that the Iowa Tribe obtained an online gaming license from the Isle of Man’s Gambling Supervision Commission and plans to launch the website this year. Some may recognize this story from last year or the year before. The Iowa Tribe has been

Michigan Online Gaming More Likely in 2018

September 26th, 2017 Written by Jennifer Newell

It was exciting for online poker fans to imagine a state like Michigan legalizing and regulating games this year. Legislators only began introducing bills last year, and momentum increased two-fold in 2017. But even with more support and compromises, it is unlikely to happen this year. The good news, however, is that online gaming is much more likely to happen for Michigan in 2018. Impressive Movement in 2017 For the second year in a row, State Senator Mike Kowall introduced

California Online Poker Officially Dead in 2017

September 25th, 2017 Written by Jennifer Newell

In the most unsurprising online poker news, California will not legalize online poker in 2017. It was all but certain that nothing would happen after the initial movement in the first few months of the year. News out of the Golden State in March indicated that lawmakers had little confidence in positive discussions with all interested parties. And when one of the members of the PokerStars coalition withdrew from the group, it seemed as if the last of the air

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